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NEUE, GUE, and Project Baseline Video Resources

Collected on this page are videos from and about NEUE, GUE, and Project Baseline.

Project Baseline: St. Lawrence River, USA

Our project was featured at the 2017 GUE Conference and won honorable mention in the Project Baseline film festival.

Interview with Bob Sherwood, 2010

In this interview, Bob Sherwood answers many of the frequently asked questions about GUE Fundamentals.

NEUE Project Baseline: A. E. Vickery

Overview of the launch of NEUE Project Baseline on the wreck of the three-masted schooner, A. E. Vickery, in the St. Lawrence River.

What GUE Has Always Been About

An introduction to Global Underwater Explorers, its mission and philosophy.

GUE Prepare

See what it takes to prepare for a GUE project.

GUE Recreational 1 Open Water Class

Trailer for Elena Konstantinou’s video on the GUE Recreational 1 class, GUE’s open water diving class. View the entire video on Vimeo.

Interview with GUE Founder Jarrod Jablonski, 2013

Jarrod talks about his early experiences in the water, as well as the three main areas of GUE–teaching, exploration, and conservation.

Introduction to Project Baseline

Get an overview of Project Baseline

Collecting Observataional Data

Dr. Todd Kincaid, Project Baseline Director of Science and Conservation, discusses the motivation behind Project Baseline, Project Area set up, and explains observational data collection.

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