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Launch of NEUE’s Project on the Wreck of the A. E. Vickery

By Ari Friedman, 04/25/2012

In June 2012, NEUE is headed to the St. Lawrence River to launch its first Project Baseline. The initial goal of the project is to document the current state of the wreck of the A. E. Vickery before she degrades any further.

The wrecks of the St. Lawrence have been well-preserved for decades and even centuries. However, recently divers have noticed the wrecks beginning to break down due to abuse (anchor damage, etc.). By formally documenting the wreck of the Vickery, we can establish a baseline by which future efforts to protect her can be judged.

This project will also help us work out the logistics of survey efforts for future projects down the road, and give everyone a fun excuse to put all those hard-won skills to use.

Here’s what GUE Instructor Trainer Bob Sherwood has to say about the project so far:

“The project we are talking about will be our first formal attempt at creating an operation baseline study for our NEUE group. We wanted to focus on a well-known but little-studied wreck that would have value for everyone. The wreck allows people from all levels of certification to be involved and will build our group’s experience and ability to work together.”

“We decided to start with the Vickery. The wreck is a three master schooner from the early 1900s. Sitting mostly intact although suffering much in 60-150′ of water. Based on the depth this is perfect for fundamentals through T2 divers. Most of the wreck is shallower than 100′, but there is work to be done in the 100-150′ range as well.”

“We can probably handle 12-15 divers depending on interest and dive boat availability. There is also a secondary objective, as time and divers permit, close by in 180′. (Tease tease.)”

“So dates are set. Prior to this project we have set up an NAS course to be conducted at Dutch Springs in April so that team members are all on the same page.”

The training was a great success, and occurred at Dutch Springs April 20-22.

Chris Malinowski and Vince Mallardi at Dutch Springs

Chris Malinowski and Vince Mallardi at Dutch Springs

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