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2015 Project Baseline visit to TIBS

Tiny Muskie in a Dish

2015 TIBS Visit

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NEUE Fish Data Gathering for TIBS

If you would like to add a little more purpose to your dive, here is the project for you!

This project is suitable for both recreational and technical divers and should take up only a few minutes of your dive time.

Northeast Underwater Explorers is organizing an effort to gather fish data for SUNY ESF’s Thousand Islands Biological Station. Data on 8 species of fish will help TIBS locate certain populations and give them clues about the general health of the environment.

Our Partner Charters

Thanks to Blue Foot Diving, Thousand Island Dive Excursions, and St. Lawrence Aquatics, everyone diving with these charters can participate in our project! Each charter operator keeps a clipboard with a data sheet on which divers—after they return to the boat from their dive—can record their observations of fish seen during their dive. Charter operators also have copies of the fish ID sheet where you can familiarize yourself with the eight species and, after your dive, compare them to your own observations.

Everyone can participate

If you would like to participate diving from shore, your own boat, or with another charter operator, please download and print our data sheet and fish ID guide (see below). We recommend printing on Rite-in-the-Rain paper and using a clipboard.

Small packs (25 sheets) of waterproof paper can be purchased from

There are three versions of the fish ID guide. One is meant to be kept in a Halycon-style underwater notebook and is for quick reference underwater (download below). Version 2 is larger and in color and is meant to be used above the water (download below). Version 3 is a separate page on this website and gives additional information about each species.

Download data sheets (PDF).
Download fish ID guide formatted for an underwater notebook (PDF).
Download large fish ID guide (PDF).
View online fish ID guide.

Data will be compiled by Lisa Goodlin and sent to TIBS.

Please email your fish data to Lisa at You can also contact Lisa with questions or comments about this project.

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